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  • F. Doener, H. S. Hong, I. Meyer, K. Tadjalli-Mehr, A. Daehling, R. Heidenreich, S. D. Koch, M. Fotin-Mleczek, U. Gnad-Vogt

    RNA-based adjuvant CV8102 enhances the immunogenicity of a licensed rabies vaccine in a ?rst-in-human trial. EudraCT No. 2013-004514-18.

  • D. Kappeler, K. Sommerer, C. Kietzig, B. Huber, J. Woodward, M. Lomax, P. Dalvi

    Pulmonary deposition of fluticasone propionate/formoterol in healthy volunteers, asthmatics and COPD patients with a novel breath-triggered inhaler. Respir Med. 2018;138:107-114.

  • JC. Virchow, G. Poli, C. Herpich, C. Kietzig, H. Ehlich, D. Braeutigam, K. Sommerer, S. H?ussermann, F. Mariotti

    Lung Deposition of the Dry Powder Fixed Combination Beclometasone Dipropionate Plus Formoterol Fumarate Using NEXThaler? Device in Healthy Subjects, Asthmatic Patients, and COPD Patients. J Aerosol Med Pulm Drug Deliv. 2018;31(5):269-280.

  • H. Schwabedissen

    Specialized Trials in Dry Powder Inhaler Development – the Introduction of “in vivo” into Clinical Research, Pharmazeutische Medizin 2018; 20-2, 114-118

  • U. Homburg, H. Renz, W. Timmer, JM. Hohlfeld, F. Seitz, K. Lüer, A. Mayer, A. Wacker, O. Schmidt, J. Kuhlmann, A. Turowska, J. Roller, K. Kutz, G. Schlüter, N. Krug, H. Garn

    Safety and tolerability of a novel inhaled GATA3 mRNA targeting DNAzyme in patients with TH2-driven asthma. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2015;136(3):797-800.

  • W. Timmer

    Peculiarities of the Development of Inhaled Drug Products Pharmazeutische Medizin 2018; 20(2): 120-125